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Tue, 21 Nov 20:00 Midget BB
 Aigles Gatineau
 Loups Collines
Thu, 23 Nov 20:30 Midget BB
 Voisins Papineau
 As Gatineau
Sat, 25 Nov 18:00 Midget BB
 As Gatineau
 Voiliers Aylmer
Sun, 26 Nov 15:20 Midget BB
 Loups Collines
 Voiliers Aylmer
Sun, 26 Nov 16:30 Midget BB
 Aigles Gatineau
 Voisins Papineau
Tue, 28 Nov 20:30 Midget BB
 Loups Collines
 As Gatineau
Sat, 02 Dec 18:00 Midget BB
 As Gatineau
 Voisins Papineau
Tue, 12 Dec 20:30 Midget BB
 Voiliers Aylmer
 Aigles Gatineau
Sat, 16 Dec 17:00 Midget BB
 As Gatineau
 Loups Collines
Sun, 17 Dec 20:30 Midget BB
 Voisins Papineau
 Aigles Gatineau
Tue, 19 Dec 20:00 Midget BB
 Voiliers Aylmer
 Loups Collines
Thu, 21 Dec 20:30 Midget BB
 As Gatineau
 Aigles Gatineau
Sat, 23 Dec 19:10 Midget BB
 Voisins Papineau
 Voiliers Aylmer
Thu, 04 Jan 20:30 Midget BB
 Loups Collines
 As Gatineau
Sat, 06 Jan 20:30 Midget BB
 Loups Collines
 Aigles Gatineau
Sun, 07 Jan 18:00 Midget BB
 Loups Collines
 Voisins Papineau
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The tournament schedule has been added to our site. We are in Pool N.

Please note that only the first two games are known at this moment. I've added the possible games for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

You can find additional information at 
 Sylvie Proulx (Fri, 01 Dec 2017, 13:55)
Msg Imp
We reserved a block of rooms at the Best Western Hotel Universel. Each room will have 2 queen beds. You must contact the hotel at 1-800-668-3521 to reserve your room as soon as possible. The cost is $114 per night plus taxes.

The tournament organisers confirmed that the first game will be on Thursday January 11 but they cannot confirm the time. Please book your room from Wednesday to Sunday.
 Sylvie Proulx (Wed, 18 Oct 2017, 07:30)
 Do you want the chance to participate in this historical game?
Game of  December 16, 2017
Draw of 2 tickets worth $ 600
Ticket cost: $ 25
All proceeds will be returned to
24h de Tremblant
(Ottawa Senators Foundation)
Thank you for your participation!
To buy tickets contact Claude Gauthier by

Draw on December 8th, 2017
 Hockey Aylmer (Tue, 05 Dec 2017, 15:53)
You may have heard the news today of the suspension of two minor hockey coaches in the Outaouais region. The Conseil d’administration, like parents across the region, was shocked and upset at the reports that came out.
We want to state clearly that the AHMA is committed to offering a safe environment for you children to play hockey and develop as citizens of our city. Should your children ever experience harassment, abusive behavior or other forms of violence while playing hockey, we ask you to contact us immediately.

Here is an attachment that will be sent to all the parents of the teams of the integrated structure and to the coaches of our 5 teams of the integrated structure.
So you can share this release on your websites of your respective minor hockey associations.
Thank you !
       Mario Lemery
    President, Hockey Outaouais
 Hockey Aylmer (Sat, 04 Nov 2017, 01:19)
 Sylvie Proulx (Sat, 30 Sep 2017, 12:50)
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 Maryza (Wed, 09 Aug 2017, 07:44)
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